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Mikaeel (ميكائيل)

Mikaeel (Michael) is the name of one of God's very important Angels. One thing he is known for is bringing a plate of heavens' fruits to Prophet Muhammed (SAW) the night Fatimah (AS), the Prophet's daughter was conceived.

Min (من)


Min Fadhlek (من فظلك)


Mina (منا)

During Hajj (pilgramage) the town of Mina must be visited. It is about five miles away from Makkah.

Minbar (منبر)

A minbar is an object commonly found in traditional mosques. The Imam of the Mosque goes up the stairs and sits (or stands) from the seat at the top so that he can preach a sermon. It is a lot like a pulpit which is found in traditional Christian churches.

Minbars come in different designs but the most common are wooden ones that have Islamic art carved into them.

Misbah (مصباح)

Lantern or torch.


Vice, evil [conduct (especially of children ) that is annoying or does slight damage but is not malicious. A tendency to tease or cause annoyance playfully.]


Misleding,aberration [leading astray, causing ( a person ) to gain a wrong impression of something, State of being miss led].

Miskeen (مسكين)

A person is described as being miskeen if they are poor & needy, in need of certain necessities to stop them from going hungry and/or perishing.

Misr (مصر)

Misr is the Arabic name used for the country of Egypt.

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