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Mawlana (مولانا)

A form of address to a ruler or person of authority implying protector.

Mawlid (مولد)

Birth or birthday.

Mawrid (مورد)


Mawt (موت)


Meat (لحم)

The Arabic word for meat is Laham.

Mecca (مكه)

See Makkah.


Birth day.

Meezan (ميزان)

A weighing scale used to measure weights. In Islam the meezan is a hypothetical scale used to measure good deeds against bad deeds on Judgement day.

The following surah (The Calamity) in the Quran mentions the concept of weighing of deeds on the scales:
[101.1] The terrible calamity!
[101.2] What is the terrible calamity!
[101.3] And what will make you comprehend what the terrible calamity is?
[101.4] The day on which men shall be as scattered moths,
[101.5] And the mountains shall be as loosened wool.
[101.6] Then as for him whose measure of good deeds is heavy,
[101.7] He shall live a pleasant life.
[101.8] And as for him whose measure of good deeds is light,
[101.9] His abode shall be the abyss.
[101.10] And what will make you know what it is?
[101.11] A burning fire.

Michael (ميكائيل)

Michael is the name of an Angel known as Mikaeel in Arabic.

Mihrab (محراب)

A mihrab is commonly found in traditional mosques. It is a prayer niche where the Imam stands to lead the prayers and it shows the direction of the Qibla. It is usually built by digging out a concave pillar shape from the wall. It is then decorated in all sorts of beautiful Islamic art designs.

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