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Makrooh (مكروه)

Means disliked, hated or detested. It is used in reference to actions and deeds that are refered to negativly in the sunnah or the Quran. These actions will not get you ithim, but avoiding them will gain you thawab. Doing makrooh things is not recommended. E.g. growing long finger nails.

Makruh (مكروه)

See Makrooh.

Maktoob (مكتوب)

The word maktoob means 'it is written / it was written'. People use the phrase to imply that they were predestined to have something happen to them. Belief in fate (non-absolute fate) is mandatory in Islam.

Malak (ملاك)

Malak means angel. It can be used as a name for either a boy or a girl, but it should be noted that Angels are not feminine.

Malakul Mawt (ملك الموت)

The Angel of Death, called `Azraeel in Islam.

Malik (مالك)

(1) Malik means owner or master of an object. Malik is a popular boy's name.

Man (رجل)

The Arabic word for man is rajul.

Manahil (مناهل)

Manahil can mean springs or founts (of water, knowldge, etc.). It is a popular girl's name amongst Asians.

Mareedh (مريض)

Ill and in bad health.

Marhaba (مرحبا)

This is a traditional Arabic greeting meaning 'Welcome'.

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