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Madrassa (مدرسه)


Maghrib (مغرب)

(1) Maghrib is the time of day when the sun goes down and night begins to take over.
(2) It is also the name of one of the compulsory (wajib) prayers which is often prayed after the sun has descended.
(3) The Arabic name of the country of Morocco.

The word maghrib comes from the root word ghuroob which means 'setting'. The country of Morocco was called Maghrib as the other root word 'gharb' means 'west' as it is the west-most Muslim country.

Mahal (محل)

(1) A shop.
(2) A place or location for an object.

Mahboob (محبوب)

A descriptive word meaning 'loved' or 'loveable'.

Mahdi (المهدي)

Mahdi means 'guided one'. Often refered to as Imam Mahdi, or Al-Mahdi, it is the nickname name of a very important person in Islam who will have the real name: Muhammed. He is yet to be born according to the majority of Sunni Muslims, but is alive at this very moment according to the majority of Shia Muslims, but his identity is not know (i.e. He is in occulation).

It is said he will accompany Prophet Jesus (AS) when he returns and will rid the world of evil, eventually bringing peace & harmony after the great wars.

Mahdi is also a popular boy's name.

Mahfoodh( محفوظ)

Depending on its' use, this word could mean either 'protected', 'wrapped' or 'learnt by heart'.

Mahr (مهر)

The mahr is an amount of money or property that is given to the wife by the husband as a non-returnable dowry in the marriage contract. She may use it as she wishes.

Mahram (محرم)

A mahram is a male, whom a woman can never marry because of close relationship (e.g. a brother, a father, a sibling); The mahram can be thought of as a guardian she can call upon when neccessary if she is not married, but if she is then her own husband is her mahram when he is available. A woman need not wear hijab in front of her mahram and a mahram is usually needed for travelling long distances in safety.

Majlis (مجلس)

A Majlis is a program of speaches and other activities (usually at a mosque).

Makkah (مكه)

The holy city of Makkah is situated in Saudi Arabia and is the birth place of Prophet Muhammed (SAW). Prophet Ibraheem (PBUH) built the Kaaba there and Muslims go to do Hajj (pilgramage) there.

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