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Jeeran (جيران)


Jehenum (جهنم)

See Jahanam.

Jesus (عيسى)

Jesus (PBUH) is the Anglicized name of a famous figure in religion. The Arabic form of this name used in the Quran is pronounced 'eesa' but often written as 'Isa'.

Jew (يهودي)

The Arabic word for Jew and Jewish is Yahudi.


Tribute (A Tax imposed on non-Muslims who are under Muslim rule, poll-tax anciently paid in lieu of conversion to Islam.)


Jibraeel is the Arabic name for Gabrial, the angel of God.

Jihad (جهاد)

(1) Personal Struggle (in the way of Allah (God) to keep evil away from yourself)
(2) Holy War (Fighting a fair, defensive war - to stop oppression)

There are two types of Jihad:
(1) The greater (akbar) Jihad - This is preserving ones-self from sin and disbelief.
(2) The lesser (asghar) Jihad - This is going to war to defend Islam, people, property or occupation of a Muslim or Islamic country.

Jilbaab (جلباب)

A woman's loose-fitting garment covering the entire body so it doesn't show the figure. It covers the body and requires a hijab in addition to cover the whole body (except the face and hands) to Islamic standard.

Jinn (جن)

A creature created by Allah (God) that was made from fire. They live in another dimension and don't usually enter our dimension.

Jizyah (جزيه)

The Jizyah is a tax payed by non-Muslims living in Islamic lands (a Thimmi) to the state. Through this tax they are exempt from the duties of Islam like military service and zakat and are protected by the state as well.

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