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Amir Al Mumineen (امير المؤمنين)

Means 'Commander of the Belivers' or 'Commander of the faithful'. This title was given to the Imam Ali (AS) specifically by the Prophet Muhammed (SAW), but was later attributed to anybody who became a khalif (not by the Prophet (SAW)), so there is amir al-mumineen Abu Bakr, amir al-mumineen Umar, Uthman, muawiyah, yazeed etc.

Amira (أميره)

Amira is the feminine form of the name 'Amir'. Amira means leader or commander (feminine), and it is a popular girl's name.

Ana (أنا)

Ana translates into either 'I am' or 'me' depending on the grammar of a sentence.

Ana Bi Khair (أنا بخير)

Ana bi khair means 'I am well'. It is a response to the question 'kayfa halek?' - how are you?


Deduction, syllogism (partial likeness between two things which are compared)

Anasheed (أناشيد)

The word anasheed is plural. Anasheed are religious songs. The singular word is nasheed.

Anbiyaa (أنبياء)

The word anbiya` is a plural word meaning 'Prophets'. The singular form is nabi (or nabey).


Andrew is an English name meaning 'Valiant'.

Aneeq (انيق)

A descriptive word meaning slender, thin or stylish.

The feminine form of the word is aneeqah (انيقه)

Aneeqah (انيقه)

A (feminine) descriptive word meaning slender, thin or stylish.

The masculine form of the word is aneeq (انيق)

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