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Ajmaeen (أجمعين)

Ajmaeen means 'All of Them'.

Ajr (أجر)

When a good deed or action is done, a Muslim gets 'ajr' for doing it. Ajr (or ajur) is also known as thawab, and it is like a 'plus' point. 'Plus' points are compared to 'negative' (ithim) points when someone is judged by God after the person dies. If a person has more thawab than ithim then they will enter heaven.

Ajzaa (اجزاء)

Ajzaa is the plural of juzuu. It means 'parts' (usually of the Quran, which is split into 30).

See Introduction to the Quran for more details.

Akbar (أكبر)

(1) Akbar can mean 'The greatest' and is often found in the phrase Allahu Akbar: God is the Greatest.
(2) Akbar can mean 'Greater than'; E.g. Sitah akbar min khamsa, Six is greater than five.

Akh (أخ)

Brother. (Not necessarily by blood).

Akhee (أخي)

See Akhi.

Akhi (أخي)

Means 'my brother'. The 'i' on the end changes the attributes of the word akh (brother) to be yours.

Akhira (الآخره)

See Al Akhirah.
The word akhirah means end, or ending.

Akhlaq (اخلاق)


Akhu (أخو)

Akhu is a valid word.

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