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Abiha (ابيها)

Abiha (pronounced Abeeha), means "Her Father". Fatima (PBUH), the daughter of the Prophet Mohammed (PBUH&HP), was nicknamed Umm Abiha (Her father's Mother) by him because she used to care about and look after him so much.

Ablution (وضوء)

Ablution is an English word that means 'washing or wiping parts of the body with water as part of a religious rite'. The Arabic word for this is Wudhu`. Wudhu` is a rite done to prepare for prayer or reading the Quran, or to remain in the state of purity.

Ablution(washing before the Pray):

ritual ablution (a spiritual wash of the face and hands before Salat ,Ablution is obligatory and performed before prayer, wudū)


filth, sin (is something that is not clean, najis)

Abraham (‏إبراهيم)

Prophet Abraham, he is one of the closest Prophets to Allah.

Abraham was the "Close One to Allah" Who preferred him over many others and selected him to be a messenger. Though brought up in a pagan community that worshiped idols, Abraham refused to do so and realized that there must be a greater god of the universe. Allah guided him to the right path and revealed His message to him. He then directed his mission to his people, and called on them to renounce idolatry. He was answered with stubborn refusals. They plotted against him but their schemes were in vain, for Allah, the Almighty, provided support and protection to His servant and prophet, Abraham. Abraham was the forefather of a line of prophets through his two sons Ishmael and Isaac. It was Abraham who began the construction of the Ka`bah with the help of his son Ishmael.

In Quranic Arabic the word ibraheem is spelt differently to how it is spelt in modern Arabic. It is spelt without a 'ya' character: إبراهم


abstinence (abstention from some foods)

Abu (أبو)

(1) Abu means Father or 'Father of ...'. For example, 'Abu Ahmed' means Father of Ahmed. In Arab countries most people are called Abu X, (where X is the name of the first son or daughter,) by people who know them, instead of their official name.
(2) Abu can also mean 'possessor of X', where X can be an attribute or a distinct object. For example the name Abu Huraira means 'Possessor of Cats'.

Also of interest to you may be the word Umm.

Abu Huraira (RA) is one of the most well known Hadith transmitters and Sahabah. He has transmitted an incredible number of hadiths.

Abu Bakr (أبو بكر)

Abu Bakr is the name of one of the most famous Sahabah (companions of Prophet Muhammed) and he became the first Khalif (leader) after the death of the Prophet (SAW).

Abu Talib (أبو طالب)

Abu Talib (RA) is the most famous uncle of Prophet Muhammed (SAW), and is the father of Imam Ali (AS), the Prophet's cousin. Abu Talib adopted Muhammed in youth when his granddad (Abdul Mutalib) died, and he continued to protect him from his (the Prophet's) enemies. Abu Talib (RA) continued to protect the Prophet until he died. Sunnis and Shia debate on whether or not he died a Muslim.

Abyadh (أبيض)


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