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Ya (يا)

The word 'Ya' is often followed by another word like Allah, so 'Ya Allah' means 'O God'. Ya can also mean 'you'.

Ya Allah (يا الله)

O` Lord or O` God. This phraze is uttered when praying in supplication to Allah, amongst other things.

Yahudi (يهودي)

A Jew.

Yahya( یحیی )

Prophet Yahya (PBUH), or John the Baptist is one of the Prophets of Islam. He was the son of Prophet Zackariah (PBUH), maternal cousin to Mariam (PBUH), and cousin to Prophet Isa (PBUH). He paved the way for Prophet Isa (Jesus) and also baptized him.

Yameen (يمين)

Right - as in the direction.

Yantasiroon (ينتصرون)

Yantasiroon comes from the word nasr which means victory. Yantasiroon means 'They (shall) have victory (over)'. An example of its usage is 'Innal mu'mineena sawfa yantasiroona ala qawmi-dhalimeen' - The believers shall have victory over the oppressive nation.

Yaqeen (يقين)

Certainty or doubtless conviction.

Yaqin (يقين)

See Yaqeen.

Yaqoob (يعقوب)

Jacob (in English), son of Isaac (Ishaq), the Prophet, was also called Israel which means "Servant of Allah." His grandparents, Abraham and Sarah, were given the tidings of his piety and prophethood. Jacob was the father of Joseph (Yusuf). His 12 sons became the progenitors of the tribes of Israel.

Yarhamakallah (يرحمك الله)

Yarhamakallah is a phrase meaning '(may) Allah be gracious towards you'.

Yateem (يتيم)


Yathrib (يثرب)

The old name of the city of Madinah, Saudia Arabia. When the Prophet Muhammed (SAW) went on the Hijrah (emigration from Mecca) to Yathrib, he arrived there and it was renamed Madinah Al Munawarah - The light-filled city - in his honor.

Yaum (يوم)

See Yawm.

Yawm (يوم)

(The/A) Day.

Yawm Al Qiyamah (يوم القيامه)

The day of resurrection. This is Judgement day.


To covet (be filled with great longing)

Yed (يد)


Yehoodi (يهودي)

A Jew.

Yes (نعم)

The Arabic word for 'yes' is na'am.

Yetim (يتيم)

See Yateem.

You (انت)

The Arabic word for 'you' is 'anta'.

Yousef (يوسف)

See Yusuf.

Yunus (يونس)

Jonah in English. He was Allah's messenger to the people of Ninawa to invite them to the worship of the Only True God.

When they rejected him, he threatened them that punishment would come within three nights. Out of fear of being punished they believed in Allah. Jonah departed his people and later was on board of a sinking ship. After casting lots three times, Jonah was chosen to be thrown in the sea. He was swallowed by a great whale and was disgorged unharmed three days later. He was then sent to more than 100,000 persons calling them to the worship of Allah.

Yusuf (يوسف)

Joseph in English. He was the favorite son of Jacob.

Once in a dream he saw eleven stars and the sun and the moon all bowing down to him. He went to his father and told him about his dream. He was happy, but advised his son not to tell his step brothers about that dream. The brothers envied Joseph for his father loved him much more than any of them. They plotted to throw him in a well, and told his father that he had been killed by a wolf. Then, he was picked up by caravans who sold him to the rich Egyptian for a low price. The Egyptian took care of Joseph, but later Joseph was imprisoned. Later, Joseph was released from prison and was appointed administrator of Egypt's grain storehouses which he managed wisely during the years of famine. During this period, Joseph's brothers came to Egypt seeking grain. Joseph made himself known to them and asked them to bring their family, including his father, to Egypt. They came and bowed down to him as a fulfillment of his first dream.