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Glossary: Islamic Glossary

Vali (ولي)

See Wali.

Veil (حجاب)

The English word 'veil' is correctly identified as the headscarf, the hijab in Arabic.


Religious injunction or commandments, judgment, Divine law or command (the decision reached by a jury, a decision or opinion given after examining, testing, or experiencing).

Verse (اية)

A verse (often of the Quran) is know as an 'Ayah' in Arabic.


Calumny, libel (say evil things about).

Virgin (عذراء)

The Arabic word for virgin is '`adhra`'. The mother of Christ (AS),(PBUH), is called Maryam al-`adhra` - The Virgin Mary.

Virtuous, those who guard (against evil)

God fearing,...(having or showing moral virtue)