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Khushuu (خشوع)

Khushu' means deep reverence and devotion (in prayer to God).

Khutbah (خطبه)

A speech or sermon. It is mostly used to refer to the sermon given during the Friday congregational (Jamaa) prayer.

King (ملك)

Melik is the Arabic word for King. Al-Melik (The [supreme] King) is one of the names of God.

Kitab (كتاب)


Knowledge (علم)

The Arabic word for knowledge is '`ilm'.

Koran (قرآن)

See Quran.

Kuffar (كفار)

Kuffar is the plural of the word Kafir. It means 'unbelievers'.

Kuffur (كفر)

The word kuffur means 'disbelief'. E.g. Associating partners in worship with God is considered an act of kuffur.

Kuffur comes from the root word 'kafir'.

Kufr (كفر)

The action of showing ungratefulness to Allah and disbelief in Him and His Prophets. One who does this is known as a kafir.

Kurdi (كردي)

A person is known as a kurdi to identify their ethnicity as being descended from Kurdish lineage.