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I (انا)

The word 'I' is 'ana' in Arabic. Ana can also mean 'I am'.

Ibadah (عباده)

Means woship. An act of ibadah is an act of worship done for the sake of Allah.


Ibid is a Latin acronym for ibidim and it means 'At the same place'. In many English Islamic books the list of references sometimes state this word. It means the referenced quote can be found in the same book as listed above.
1. The Holy Quran, by Allah, 1:1
2. Ibid; 27:30

Ibin (ابن)

See Ibn.

Iblees (إبليس)

A jinn (a special type of species) and shaytaan (satan). Iblees is the name of the jinn that caused Adam & Eve to be removed from heaven.

Iblis (إبليس)

See Iblees.

Ibn (ابن)

Ibn, or bin, means 'son of'. Eg: Ali `ibn` Abi Talib (PBUH) means Ali `son of` Abi Talib.

Ibrahim (إبراهيم)

Abraham in English. He was the "Close One to Allah" Who preferred him over many others and selected him to be a messenger. Though brought up in a pagan community that worshiped idols, Abraham refused to do so and realized that there must be a greater god of the universe. Allah guided him to the right path and revealed His message to him. He then directed his mission to his people, and called on them to renounce idolatry. He was answered with stubborn refusals. They plotted against him but their schemes were in vain, for Allah, the Almighty, provided support and protection to His servant and prophet, Abraham. Abraham was the forefather of a line of prophets through his two sons Ishmael and Isaac. It was Abraham who began the construction of the Kaabah with the help of Ishmael.

Iddah (عده)

A woman's prescribed waiting period after divorce or death of husband. It is 4 months and 10 days.

If there was no period of iddah and the woman married another man and discovered she was pregnant then she would be unable to tell who the father of the child was. Iddah solves this potential problem. Iddah also applies in the situation where a woman converts while she is married to a none-Muslim husband, she has 4 months and 10 days for him to accept Islam or else the marriage dissolves.

Iftar (إفطار)

Breaking the fast. Beginning to eat after the sun sets - especially during ramadhan.