Prophet Moses (PBUH) -1

At-a-Glance       The life of Prophet Moses (PBUH) - Part 1
  • Moses, the Interlocutor (spoken) of Allah

  • The nativity to the transition of Pharaoh's palace

  • The life of Moses (PBUH) in Pharaoh's palace

  • Emigration from Median to Egypt

  • Miracles of Moses

  • Combat against Pharaoh till his death

  • Accusations, threats and requesting of miracles

  • Gathering the skillful magicians

  • Pharaoh's defeat and magician's faith to Moses and God

  • Why did the magicians believe sooner than the others?

  • Enter the Pharaoh's Palace

  • Pharaoh's fear from development of Monotheism in his Palace

  • Murder of Moses

  • Deceiving the naive People

  • The destiny of the faithful person from Pharaoh's family

  • Instructive points in the speech of the faithful man from the Pharaoh's family

  • The Ultimatum

  • Return to idol worshipping