History of Collecting Hadith 2


 Get acquainted with the history of the collection of Hadith from the view point of Shia scholars

  • The value and credit of the words and traditions of the Holy Prophet, and other Infallible persons

  • The history of the tradition in the 2 schools of thoughts, and the available collections before the both groups

  • The careful attention of the Prophet to the “Tradition”

  • The Shia Muslims and the History of traditions

  • The attention of the Imams to the traditions. (The 1st, 2nd & 3rd century)

  • The extension and diversity of the collections of traditions in the recent centuries

  • The contemporary efforts toward the traditions

  • Complementary studies about the Islamic traditions

  • Correction, annexation, and study about the narrators of the traditions

  • Documentation of the traditions

  • New Islamic research centers over the traditions

  • New books and journals about the history of traditions