Islamic Ethics 2

At-a-Glance     The relation between this world and hereafter
  • The subject of this world and the otherworld (Donya and Akherah) is considered an essential religious issue

  • Discussing about some topics that are related to the subject of this world and the other world

  • Discussing about traditional aspect of the subject “This world and the otherworld”

  • Mentioning some phrases and traditions from authoritative Islamic books (Nahj ul-Balagha, Bihar ul-Anwar, …)

  • It was predestined for all people to die and perish in Donya

  • It was not only predestined for us-people- to die, but also for everything else in this world (Donya)

  • Did Islam identify a certain strategy that if we follow, we’ll step by step get ready for death before we face it?