Rules and Regulations of Quran and Etrat Online University
for Basic Program


·      When can I register in the university?

Students are required to enroll in the courses for each semester. You may find more information about the dates in university calendar. New students are admitted to start their courses in university in only Fall sessions.


·      How do I graduate?

The basic program requires completing 80 credits which takes about 6-8 semesters.

·      Is there any limitations on the number of courses that I can take for each semester?

Yes, currently the minimum amount of credits is set to 4 and the maximum to 14. There will be special students who are allowed to take more credits. The number of credits could vary depending on your performance, your GPA and your grades.


·      Is there any possibility to change my registered courses?

Yes, druing Drop/Add period, you may change your courses. The Drop/Add period starts about three weeks after closing the registration period.


·      What is the pass grade?  

All grades above 60 out of 100 are considered as “pass” grade.


·      Is there any expelling from the university?

Yes, those who had registered in the site (university) and haven't registered in any courses would be removed from the site from June 2006.

Also, the students who don't meet the minimum requirement are stopped from registering in the courses.

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