Available courses

Quran Memorizing 1-S18

Overview : Memorizing pre-defined verses (From Imam Ali (PBUH) course).

Final Project - S18

The aim of the Final Project is for extended research in one of the topics from the Basic Program curriculum. The following topics are among those you can select: Knowing Quran and related areas Shia Beliefs Narrations from our holy guides (history, narrators, authenticity, schools of thoughts, …

History of Islam 3 -S18

Overview: Establishment of the Islamic State The Defensive Holy Wars The conquest of Mecca  The Muslims and the Jews The holy Prophet and the Islamic Sovereignty in the Arabian Peninsula The Holy Prophet (PBUH) and the Future Leadership in Islam The Political Approach after the Demise of the Pro…

Rules of Recitation-S18

Overview: The meaning and definition of Tajveed The letters outlets (How to pronounce the letters correctly) The attributes of the letters The rules of letters.

Quran Vocabulary 2-S18

Overview : Find more about similar words in their rhythms Introducing two important rules which are the basic and fundamental rules in coming lessons Study in more details the similar rhythm words and how to find the rhythm of different words Understanding the meaning of 873 words in the Quran

Religious Sources-S18

Overview : The Sources of Jurisprudence The Subjects of the Principles Issues common to the Book and the Sunnah Consensus and Reasoning The 'Principles of Application

Nahj ul-Balaghah-S18

Overview : Seyed Razi, the Compiler of Nahj ul-Balagha, in a view The Compilation of Nahj ul-Balagha The Viewpoints of the Scholars about Nahj ul-Balagha Some Sermons of Nahj ul-Balagha.

Prophet Abraham-S18

Overview : The Hero of Monotheism Living in Babylon Discussion with star worshippers and idol worshippers Trial of Abraham Abraham in Fire Immigration to Palestine His children Reconstruction of Ka'ba building Abraham and The Great Divine Test Abraham and the Revival of Dead bodies

Prophet Moses (PBUH) 1-S18

Overview : Moses, the Interlocutor (spoken) of Allah The nativity to the transition of Pharaoh's palace The life of Moses (PBUH) in Pharaoh's palace Emigration from Median to Egypt Miracles of Moses Combat against Pharaoh till his death Accusations, threats and requesting of miracles Gathering the …

Prophet Noah-S18

 Teacher :  Maitham McCabeReview :  Biography of Prophet Noah (PBUH) Complaints and Accusations against Prophet Noah and his responses Discussion on complaints and accusations against Noah (PBUH) Prophet Noah's replies Prophet Noah's persistence and pertinacity of his people The great storm and …