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Quran History- W18

Teacher : Mariam Islam Overview : Shia and the correctness of Quran The study of alteration of Quran in the Sunni literature Compilation and collection of Quran Quran in the words of the Holy Prophet, the Holy Imams, and the Caliphs.

Prophet of Adam (pbuh)- W18

Teacher : N. Rashidi Overview: The Creation of Adam Adam, as the Guar Chan of God in Earth Teaching "the Names" to Adam The holy Adam worshipped by the angels Residence of Adam in the Paradise, and his prohibition from eating the tree Negligence of Adam towards the Divine prohibition The "Descend" …

Prophethood -W18

Teacher: N.Rashidi

History of Hadith-2- W18

Teacher: N.Rashidi

Islamic Ethics 1- W18

Teacher : Maitham McCabe

The Prophet’s Companions -W18

Teacher : Aliya Jabeen Overview : Shia and the Prophet's Companions Traditional evidences backed by Sunnis Logical considerations and customs Companions' Methodology How can we call all the companions fair? Shia follows The Imams in ,The Theory of Companion's Justice. Why do Sunnis apply justice on…

Quran Vocabulary-1-W18

Teacher : R.MovahedinOverview: Get familiar with about 8000 words of the Holy Quran ‎Get familiar with keys, Learning each key will open the door to meaning of many words ‎for us Get familiar with similar root words Identify members of a family (of similar root words)

Quran Reading 2- W18

Teacher: R.Movahedin Overview: Pronunciation of some Arabic letters Quranic Initials The letters that won't be pronounced (WALI) Pause / Break (Vaghf) Solar and Lunar letters Lengthening (MADD)

Lady Fatima (PBUH) - W18

 Teacher: Houra NaraghiOverview :Lady Fatima Zahra (PBUH)'s Life Her blessing birth Her virtues Her divine marriage to Amir Al-Momenin (PBUH) A part of her difficulties in her life Her terrible and sorrowful martyr

Monotheism/polytheism - W18

Teacher : Dr.Fatemi

Prophet Jesus (P.B.U.H.)-W18

 Teacher : Mariam Islam Overview: The Miraculous birth of Christ The Characteristics of Jesus as described in the Quran The words and religion of Jesus The miracles and signs provided by Jesus Introductory activities among the Israelite The Jesus, The disciples, and the request for Divine food (Ta…

History of Imams 2-W18

Teacher : Sister Mariam IslamOverview:  The life of the fourth Imam to the eighth Imam Imam Sajjad and Shiite Muslims Imam's encounter with the Umayyads The Hashimites after the Event of Karbala Scientific Situation of Imam Baqir (PBUH) Fighting against Jews and Israelite Imam Sadiq's (PBUH) Shiit…

History of Islam 2-W18

Teacher : Hasina Champsi Overview : History of development of Islam - Part 1 Study of the Peninsula's history after appearance of Islam Development of Islam in Peninsula The role of holy prophet in reviving the Islam Study of the roles of the other factors in victory and expansion of Islam Situati…